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Themes and Subthemes for IBSR 2024

Smart and Inclusive Habitat

Multimodal Urban Transport

Spatial Informatics in Urban Planning

Sustainable Built Infrastructure Development

Virtual Reality in Transportation

Tourism and Smart Infrastructure

Water and Waste Management Infrastructure

07 Water & Waste Management Infrastructure

  1. Resource Recovery from Waste - Circular Economy Approach

  2. Urban Flood Management

  3. Wastewater to Water

  4. Hydro-informatics in Urban Water Management

01 Smart and Inclusive Habitat

  1. Housing Affordability in Indian Context

  2. Morphological Assessment of Indian Cities in last Three Decades

  3. Accessibility and Infrastructure driven Livability

02 Multimodal Urban Transport

  1. Forecasting the Demand for Disruptive shared Transportation Technologies

  2. Estimating the Impacts of Commuters’ Choices on Environment, Health, and Well-being

  3. Mitigating the Safety/Security Concerns among Vulnerable Public Transit Users

  4. Measuring the Effects of Transportation Infrastructure Investment on Economic Development

03 Spatial Informatics in Urban Planning

  1. Big data Management in Geospatial aspects- Preparation, Modelling, Management, and Uncertainty.

  2. Remotely sensed Big Data in Intelligent Transportation System.

  3. Emerging techniques for semantic segmentation applications in a geospatial context.

  4. Data mining spatio-temporal information for Urban Built Environment studies.

  5. Multi-sensor Data Fusion for precision land cover information retrieval

04 Sustainable Built Infrastructure Development

  1. Road Safety

  2. Highway Design and Performance – Pavement Analysis, Distress Investigation, Evaluation and Monitoring, Strengthening and Rehabilitation

  3. Highway Asset Management

  4. Material Investigation, Recycle and Reuse, Retrofitting and Rehabilitation of built infrastructure

05 Virtual Reality in Transportation

  1. Virtual Reality for Transportation Safety by Simulating Traffic Scenarios and Assessing the Interaction Between Motorised and Active Mode.

  2. Immersive Urban Planning, Application of VR in Urban Planning, and Assessing the Impact of Built Environment using VR.

  3. Virtual Reality for Infrastructure Development, Application of VR in Planning, Constructing, and Maintaining Critical Infrastructure.

06 Tourism and Smart Infrastructure

  1. Sustainable Tourism Practices

  2. Assessing the Impact of Regional Connectivity on Domestic Tourism

  3. Conservation and Restoration of Heritage Structures

  4. Virtual Tourism and Cultural Heritage Preservation, Application of VR to Promote Tourism, and Impact of Immersive Virtual Environment of Museums and Historical Sites

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