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Previous Research Scholars

Samadhan Khasaba Bele

PhD.  Awarded in 2014

Thesis Title: Telecommunications Infrastructure and Economic Growth G-20 Countries.

Shubhajit Sadhukhan

PhD.  Awarded in 2017

Thesis Title: Planning of Transfer Facilities in and Around Metro Stations.

Ankhi Banerjee

PhD.  Awarded in 2015

Thesis Title: An Assessment of Housing Affordability Inclusive of Variations in Infrastructure Development within a Metropolis: Case of Kolkata.

Partha Saha

PhD.  Awarded in 2019

Thesis Title: An Approach to Development of Web-Based Decision Support system To Enhance Quality and Coverage of Maternal And Child Health-Care Services

Current Research Scholars

Prashant Prasad


Research Topic: Influencing Mode Choice Behaviour for School Trips in Favour of Shared Modes for Travel Demand Management in Urban Areas

Dipanjan Nag

Email: el.diablo.diablo78@gmail.com

Research Topic: Performance evaluation of urban pedestrian infrastructure networks

Kuldeep Kavta

Email: kuldeep.kavta@iitkgp.ac.in

Research Topic: Understanding the impact of integrated TDM measures on mode choice

Chandan M C

Email: chandanmc@iitkgp.ac.in

Research Topic: Urban Growth Modeling

Nimish Gupta

Research Scholars Representative

Email: gptnimish14@gmail.com

Research Topic: Urban Land Surface Temperature Modeling

Radhika Chatterjee

Email: iitkgp.radhika@gmail.com 

Research Topic: Sustainable Infrastructure Development

Eeshan Bhaduri

Email: eeshanbhaduri@iitkgp.ac.in 

Research Topic: Measuring the effectiveness of ICT on improving urban mobility

Dhritee Diksha Baroowa

Email: dhritee.baroowa0105@gmail.com

Research Topic: Transportation Infrastructure

Roshan Jose

Email: roshanthearchitect@gmail.com 

Research Topic: Design of Composite Urban Transportation Network with Buses and Auto Rickshaws

Mouli Majumdar

Email: moulimajumdar@gmail.com

Research Topic: Assessment of the inter-relationship between Brownfield-Greenfield development and HDI driven population dynamics

Tanima Bhattacharya

Email: tani.bhattacharya1@gmail.com

Research Topic: A Methodology to Integrate Technical and Art Elements of Design for Regeneration of Urban Spaces

Amit Kumar Jaglan

Email: footprint1109@gmail.com

Research Topic: Approach for the Solid Waste Management in Eductional Campus 

Manoj B S

Research Scholars Committee Member

Email: bsmanojiitk@iitkgp.ac.in

Research Topic: Measuring impacts of travel demand management strategies

Tushar Kanti Saha

Email: artlabtsr@gmail.com

Research Topic: Infrastructure to Enlargement of Craft-Design associations in Revitalizing Local Craft Industries  

Ram Thilak

Email: ramthilak@iitkgp.ac.in

Research Topic: Hyperspectral Data Processing

Suman Ganguly 

Email: sumanganguly51@gmail.com

Research Topic:Traffic and Transportation Engineering

Sunny Bansal

Email: ar.sunnybansal@gmail.com

Research Topic: An Assessment of Spatial-Economic Impacts of Airports on Airport-Oriented Development (AOD)

Sudeshna Manna


Research Topic: A System Approach to Increase the Rapidity and Efficiency of the Air cargo Movement

Shivangi Singh Parmar

Research Scholars Representative

Email: shivangisp9@gmail.com

Research Topic: Assessment of Spatio- Economic Resilience based on Interrelationships of Clustering of MSMEs and their Distribution

Priyanka Das

Email: priyanka207@iitkgp.ac.in

Research Topic: Interventions in Transport Infrastructure Facilities and Services for Augmenting Tourism

Saddam Hussain

Email: ar.saddam@iitkgp.ac.in

Research Topic: A Methodology to Improve Pedestrian Safety and Security Along Urban Street Network

Vikas Nimesh

Research Scholars Committee Member

Email: vikasnimeshdtu@iitkgp.ac.in

Research Topic: Assessing vehicular emission in real time

Aishwarya Narendr

Email: aishwarya2205narendra@gmail.com 

Research Topic: Disaster management

Tanushree Garai

Email: garai.tanushree@gmail.com

Research Topic:Transport Management

Annam Sai Kiran

Email: asaikiran128@gmail.com

Research Topic: Design of Composite Urban Transportation Network with Buses and Auto Rickshaws

Suparna Dasgupta

Email: suparnadasgupta0@gmail.com

Research Topic: Methodology to Enhance Walkability & Pedestrian Experience of Space in Urban Sidewalks

Tanaya Sarmah

Email: tanayasarmah90@gmail.com

Research Topic: Critical Infrastructure Protection in Disaster Prone Area

Rituparna Das

Research Scholars Committee Member

Email: rituparnadas0305@gmail.com 

Research Topic: Child-Friendly Neighbourhood- An Evaluation Framework in Indian Context

Nunna Tagore Sai Priya

Email: tagoresaipriya111@gmail.com 

Research Topic: Community and Regional Planning

Prakash P S

Research Scholars Committee Member

Email: prakash.ps@iitkgp.ac.in 

Research Topic: Morphological Urban pattern extraction

Pulok Ranjan Mohanta

Research Scholars Committee Member

Email: pulokmohanta@gmail.com

Research Topic: Internet of things and digital supply chain management

Lopamudra Sengupta


Research Topic: Concrete

Tanzyeen Alam


Research Topic: Urban Planning

M.S. Students

Archita Chakraborty

Email: architaitfiem@gmail.com 

Ranjana Kumari

Research Scholars Committee Member

Email: ranjanasingh086@gmail.com 

Research Topic: Impact Assessment of Vehicular Noise on Neighborhood Livability

Animesh Bhowmik


Research Topic: Transport Planning and Policy