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IBSR 2023 Committees

Organizing Committee

Dr. Dilip Kumar Baidya
General Chair

Dr. Arkopal Kishore Goswami
Conference Management

Dr. Ankhi Bannerjee
Sponsorship and Finance

Dr. Tarak Nath Mazumder
Programme Chair

Dr. Swati Maitra
Communication and Publicity

Dr. Bharath Haridas Aithal
Content and Publication

Students Coordinators

Kapil Kumar Meena (8875385597)
Overall Coordinator

Aniruddha Khatua (8902016839)
Overall Coordinator

Sovan Biswas
Monitoring Incharge

Decoration + Event Incharge

Tushar Kanti
Design Incharge

Atri Prashant
Photography + Logistic Incharge

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